From Thursday, October 18 through Thursday, November 1, the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival will transform this old black-and-white town into a glowing Technicolor dream. (Not that there’s anything wrong with black and white films, of course.) More than 300 films will light up the screens of the Oriental Theatre, Avalon Theater, Times Cinema, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill, and the new Jan Serr Studio Cinema (located inside the Kenilworth Building). Dozens of filmmakers and special guests will hobnob with the hobnobbers. Oodles of events will keep the city in a tizzy. We’ll host a horror-movie-themed axe-throwing party at AXE MKE. You’re welcome.

In preparation for the fest, host Matt Wild and fellow film buffs Maggie Iken and Mack Bates sat down to talk all things MFF2018. Can’t-miss films, can’t-miss events, and Matt’s long-lost student film, Super Hot Dog Man (featuring Bates as God), were all discussed. As always, this episode is brought to you by Surly Brewing, a Minnesota-based brewery and the official beer of On The Record. Music used in this episode comes courtesy of Piles (“Blue Glue”) and Amanda Huff (“Gravetalking”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher (for free!).