In addition to capturing high quality performance footage, Cream City Soundcheck has the uncanny ability to show viewers a side of an artist they’ve never seen before, while simultaneously highlighting a place in Milwaukee many might not even know exists. No other video series in town would take you along with Vic And Gab (now called Reyna) to an indoor mountain bike track, bring you hat shopping with The Vitrolum Republic, and allow you to accompany Caley Conway And The Lucy Cukes on a nature hike.

Last year, Cream City Soundcheck partnered with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee to release a special feature in which Lex Allen performed “This Is Our Year” with some of his New Age Narcissism counterparts at the station’s performance space. With just days remaining in 2016, the student-shot series combined footage from that session, along with interviews and clips of the incomparable singer exploring the city to give Allen the full-on Cream City Soundcheck treatment.

Watch clips of Allen performing “Cream And Sugar”—with cameos by WebsterX and Bo Triplex—at Radio Milwaukee studios before he gets a lesson in flight at Gift Of Wings kite shop and shares the stage with Queen Tut at The Hotel Foster (RIP!). The installment is brought to a close with a rendition of “Puppy Love” at a kite festival. Here’s your chance to see Lex Allen as you’ve never seen him before while hearing him sound as good as ever.

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