If your last exposure to freestyle BMX was Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for the PS1, you’ll be surprised to see how far the sport has progressed. Or, rather, how far Milwaukee BMX rider Tim Knoll has progressed it. In a new video for Red Bull (not his first), the internationally celebrated rider takes to the streets of his hometown and, well, does some unbelievable shit. Think of Knoll’s style as BMX meets gymnastics meets parkour meets that Kevin Harris part in Ban This meets WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?!

In an interview with Red Bull, Knoll—who has lived in the Milwaukee area since he was six—discusses his unique style:

Freestyle BMX is the broad term for trick riding done on a BMX bike. As things evolved over time, freestyle BMX became more defined in terms of specific disciplines; street, park, vert, dirt and flatland. When I became really serious about BMX, I was 15 years old and at that point I was solely dedicated to riding flatland. After riding flatland for eight years I started working on basic street riding skills that I could combine with my flatland skills to do tricks that were truly freestyle. I broke from the confines of the individual disciplines to do what is more of the essence of freestyle BMX—doing cool things on my bike without limitations.

Also fun: playing “Spot the Milwaukee location” in Knoll’s video. Hi, County Courthouse!

Oh, and this fucking trick:

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