The South Shore Frolics have been a Bay View staple for more than six decades, treating residents to an old-fashioned parade, an old-fashioned fireworks display, and other old-fashioned summer festival activities. The Frolics have struggled in recent years, however: the Bay View Lions canceled the parade in 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014; and neighbors have complained about noise, litter, property damage, and an atmosphere they say no longer represents Bay View. That trouble continued in 2016 with news that both the parade and the so-called “Let’s Blow Up the Beach” fireworks display had been officially axed.

Or not. Today in a Facebook post, Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski announced that the fireworks finale is back on for 2016:


I endeavor to empower my residents and to be fair. A number of people have contacted me to say they do not feel the decision to restrict the Frolics fireworks was fair. Given that there are those that feel the notice for the meeting was not clear I will support the fireworks as they have been launched in the past which includes the “Atomic Blast.”

And for those who attended the meeting to stop the proposed fourth day of the festival you have NO fourth day as that part of the notice was clear.

In this way, both sides of the issue had their voices heard.

After the Frolics Festival this year there will be a meeting and there will be no possible confusion over the subject matter.

I sincerely appreciate the input and feedback of my constituents.

The 67th annual Frolics are set for July 15-17 at South Shore Park.

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