An album release is filled with anticipation. Just ask Brat Sounds, Milwaukee’s premier melodic indie-rock outfit. The group is preparing for the October release of its new record, Nothing, by unveiling a new single from the record every month. The terrific “Every Worry Like A Pet” (complete with equally terrific b-sides) dropped earlier in August. Now, the track has an accompanying music video—a music video filled with almost nothing but anticipation.

The slyly funny video features the members of Brat Sounds spending the first minute of the nearly four-minute clip turning on their amps, plugging in their instruments, and stepping on approximately 8,000 effects pedals. Is the band finally ready to rock? Nope! Now it’s time to switch on some lamps, grab some change, zip up some pants, crack open some cold ones, and even prep a Nesco. It goes on and on and on and on—and gets funnier by the second. Milwaukee video of the year? Hold on. Let us organize our notes.

The upcoming Nothing will follow Brat Sounds’ excellent 2021 covers album Dust Covers—i.e. the one with the Mister Rogers song—and 2019’s Bad Luck—i.e. the one with one of our favorite Milwaukee songs of the last decade, “Motortrend.”

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