If, like our patented Great Job Milwaukee-Bot (not to be confused with OnMilwaukee’s Jeff Sherman-Bot 8000), you enjoy seeing Milwaukee pop up on online lists, and enjoy the consumption of food, we have just the story for you. Yahoo Food and Thrillist have placed Milwaukee at a plum #25 on their list of “The 40 Biggest U.S. Cities, Ranked By Foods.” Wake up the grandkids and make a special entry in your Great Job Milwaukee journal, because this is a day we, as a large U.S. city with food, will never forget.

Here’s the pinpoint-accurate blurb regarding Milwaukee. Beer! Cheese! Drunchies? How do Yahoo Food and Thrillist know us so well?

25. Milwaukee
Population: 1,555,908 (MSA)
Milwaukee is famous for beer and cheese. And beer cheese. And beer cheese soup, which pairs wonderfully well with its other signature dishes: brats, pretzels, and butter burgers. And curds. It’s the drunchies capital of the US, and we love it. Nowadays, there are upscale restaurants making splashes in the city’s food scene. We implore you, Milwaukee: don’t change. Unless somebody figures out how to incorporate foie gras into beer cheese soup, you’re fine the way you are.

How did Milwaukee land at such a lofty spot? Who knows, though the list claims its rankings are based on each city’s “finest establishments, their signature contributions & traditions vis-a-vis national cuisine, and the strength of their dining cultures.” Okay!

Sadly, Wisconsin State Fair’s Peanut Butter Bacon Bison Burger (pictured above) goes tragically unmentioned in the list. Either way, great job, Milwaukee, and in your face, Baltimore (#27)! [h/t @nathankilen]

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