When we last caught up with Trapper Schoepp, the tireless Milwaukee singer-songwriter had just released an outstanding music video for “River Called Disaster,” the first single from his latest album (May Day). Since that early spring article about a fiery and water-logged music video that features a burning piano, Schoepp released May Day out into the world, played a handful of Midwestern shows, and announced more performances—including an opening slot for Wilco at Summerfest—in what looks to be a busy summer and fall for a musician who spent most of 2020 at home.

Somewhere between putting out a well-received record, playing everywhere from amusement parks to water towers (and various traditional venues), and lining up performances through the end of November, Schoepp found time to shoot another music video. Much like the visual treatment “River Called Disaster” received, this video is also quite an ambitious effort.

With the help of a small crew headed by director Carol Brandt, the music video for “Little Drop Of Medicine”—another standout single from May Day—serves as a perfect pairing to the emotional and altogether vulnerable song. In the span of just over three minutes, Schoepp navigates his way through the desolation of a fiberglass mold yard, sits partially submerged and surrounded by apples in a body of water, and stands helplessly as a “temptress” fires arrows at his face.

In terms of unique Milwaukee-made music videos, Schoepp, Brandt, and a cast/crew consisting of Spencer Ortega, Ashley Heller, and Jake Bissen broke the mold with this one…and blew up a few pieces of fruit in the process. You can watch the “Little Drop Of Medicine” music video now.

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