If there’s one thing the lovable lads in Soul Low do almost as well as consistently write great, fun, and beyond-their-years songs, it’s consistently release great, fun, and beyond-their-budget music videos. Even within the last six months, Soul Low forced viewers to adjust their tracking with their “I Want To Die” video, flawlessly covered John The Savage’s “Sinking Ship” at Bobby Peru, and got pushed around by NO/NO’s Cat Ries in the “Always Watchin’ Out” video.

As the band members prepare to release their forthcoming full-length called Nosebleeds (tentatively slated for release this summer), they wanted to hold over listeners with a video for “OMG STD,” far and away the goofiest and, arguably, best song off last year’s Sweet Pea EP. Soul Low’s latest visual adventure takes a quite literal turn, as the quartet takes the anthropomorphic form of a sexually transmitted disease.

Chicago-based director Ryan Ohm—with the cinematography and Blatz-purchasing assistance of Jackson James—perfectly executes the concept of the blurry, outdated high school PSA as the band disrupts a sex ed course, plays a sock hop, and leads an innocent young man down the path of immorality. Shot at UW-Milwaukee, Cocoon Room (RIP), and the Bay View home of bassist Sam Gehrke’s mother, the “OMG STD” video somehow manages to tote a certain sheen, follow a cohesive story line, and remain lighthearted all at once.

Soul Low begins an abbreviated winter tour tomorrow before returning home to take part in Milwaukee Record‘s “Local Coverage” benefit at Turner Hall on January 15. While you await the band’s return, watch Soul Low’s “OMG STD” video now, and remember to use protection.

Soul Low – “OMG STD” from RYAN OHM ▲ on Vimeo.

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