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This is how a newspaper dies: not with a bang, but with…a spasm of profits? So says a recent Politico piece from Jack Shafer, which details the highly profitable death spiral of the Denver Post. Is the Post‘s owner, “vulture capitalist” Randall Smith, to blame for severe newsroom cuts and dwindling quality, or is a disinterested public at fault? Are there any similarities with the Post and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? And what the hell does “harvesting market position” mean? Ryan, Evan, and Matt ponder these questions and more at the top of the show. Next, they dig into a terrific piece from Mary Louise Schumacher about rethinking art museums—including the Milwaukee Art Museum—in the era of #MeToo. How should art museums respond and adapt when once-revered artists like Chuck Close are accused of sexual harassment? Isn’t it time for art museums to canonize the work of more non-white, non-male artists? Should all work by sketchy dudes just be stuffed in sketchy rooms, a la the “adult” sections in old video stores? Maybe!

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