Zima is back, motherfuckers. The “refreshing citrus beverage” that was discontinued in the U.S. nearly 10 years ago returned to liquor store shelves this week. Instead of having our staff weigh in, we called in an expert to give some thoughts on the malt beverage, as well as other limited time or seasonal products.

Host Tyler Maas was joined by Taste Of Home editor (and former Milwaukee Record contributor) Rachel Seis. After trying some Zima, they evaluated Mountain Dew’s patriotic new Dew.S.A., the cinn-ful Pepsi Fire, and Red Bull’s just-released Purple Edition before moving to Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chips. Before the end of the show—which, let’s be honest, it pretty much just a Doughboys tribute episode—the taste buds also sipped the seasonal #Merica! lager from On The Record beer sponsor Surly.

As mentioned above, this episode is brought to you by Surly Brewing. Music comes courtesy of Piles (“Blue Glue”) and The Zach Pietrini Band (“One Shot For Me”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher (for free!).