Put down your remote control. Throw out your TV Guide. Put away your jacket. There’s no need to go outside. Well, there is a need to go outside on Wednesday, July 17. Yes, that’s the night we’re teaching poodles how to fly screening the classic 1989 “Weird Al” Yankovic film UHF at Avalon Theater. Just like last year, we’re doing it in honor of an upcoming Al gig (July 27 at the Miller High Life Theatre). The movie starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5, and can be purchased HERE. Milwaukee Record, Avalon Theater, and UHF: It’s the reason movies were invented!

A film that originally tested well with audiences but flopped upon release (it was up against little flicks like Batman, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and Ghostbusters II), UHF has since gone on to become a bona fide cult classic. And now you’ll be able to experience its zany brilliance on the big screen (again). Watch as George Newman (Yankovic) struggles to save a fly-by-night UHF station! Thrill as janitor Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards) takes the world by storm with his firehose-happy Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse! Jeer as diabolical Channel 8 owner R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy) schemes to put George and friends out of business! Recite every single word of the Gandhi II, Conan The Librarian, and Spatula City commercials! Hope you enJOY it!

And because sometimes you gotta grab life by the lips and YANK as hard as you can, there’s more. The screening will serve as the kickoff to the second annual “Weird Al Week” at Milwaukee Record. Buckle up for some fresh, funny, and weird content every day on the site, all leading up to Al’s Miller High Life Theatre show. Oh, and we’ll be giving away tickets to that show at the screening!

So, to sum up: We’re screening UHF at the Avalon on Wednesday, July 17. The movie starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5, and can be purchased HERE. Be there!