Soul Low is the kind of band you’d like to take home to your mom: youthful, charming, dapperly dressed. But even nice guys (or, in the parlance of Soul Low, nice dads) have a hard time meeting that special someone. In the new video for “Always Watchin’ Out,” from this year’s excellent Sweet Pea EP, that elusive special someone finds their manifestation in another Milwaukee musician, NO/NO’s Cat Ries. Between VHS-tastic shots of Soul Low rocking out in a living room, Ries terrorizes two little kids, shoplifts a forty, gets high in a park, litters, stomps on a dandelion, gets high again, and, eventually, beats the shit out of Soul Low. A full day!

It’s a nifty little video, directed by Milwaukee filmmaker Matt Plain and produced/edited by Dan Black, and one that not-too-subtly illustrates the song’s thoughts on the perils of modern relationships. Check it out below, courtesy of UK blog Right Chord Music.

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