We’re still smarting at the news that one of Milwaukee’s best bands, Soul Low, has officially called it quits. The group made the announcement last week, and though it wasn’t exactly a surprise (band members have been spread across the country for a year), it still stings.

But! It looks like Milwaukee (and Minneapolis and Stevens Point) will have a chance to say goodbye to Soul Low in style. Today, the group announced a four-show, three-city “RIP Soul Low” tour that will run November 1-3. “As promised, we have one final run of shows to commemorate this darling project of ours in November,” reads a Facebook post. “We’ll be playing four shows in three cities that have taken such good care of us over the last nine years alongside some very dear friends old and new. Of course we wish we could play everywhere and see everyone who’s been alongside us one last time, but alas, that just ain’t life. That said, let’s send this ol’ pup into the abyss with a damn bang!”

Indeed. Here are those shows:

11/1 @ Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis)
w/ Straya

11/2 @ PABS Point Area Bicycle Service (Stevens Point)
w/ Bag Dad + Vanity Plates

11/3 @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee)
EARLY SHOW (ALL AGES) w/ Whips + Amanda Huff
LATE SHOW (21+) w/ Sundial Mottos + Taj Raiden

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