Saturday, as Summerfest was in full swing and Milwaukee was easing into a long holiday weekend, hundreds of people gathered on Potter and Logan avenues in Bay View for the 11th annual Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party. The celebration of music, food, crafts, and a beloved cheap beer had it all.

There was music supplied by B~Free, Buffalo Gospel, Sundial Mottos, Magnetic Minds, TAJ, and Luxi. There were dogs, kids, and cutoff shorts galore. There were food vendors and a vibrant marketplace. There were brandy slushes and whisky-spiked coffee drinks. Oh, and you know there was a shit ton of Pabst on tap. There were fun times and sunshine…too much sunshine. Though temperatures hit the mid-90s, a group of bold block partiers, businesses, and musicians braved the heat and came out to celebrate.

In the midst of all the action and the heat, we were able to snap a few photos that we feel capture the spirit of the 11th annual Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party. Enjoy! [All photos by Kristy Tayler]