Earlier this week, we announced The Vanguard would be saying goodbye to 11 of its menu items. Even though some popular fare—most notably the delicious likes of the Lodi, Tarkan, and Weylin’s Way—have either been 86ed for good or removed from the menu until further notice, Vanguard ownership enacted those difficult cuts in order to make room for a few new options on Bay View sausage emporium’s menu.

Starting today, The Vanguard will be offering three new styled sausages and a new side. Sadly, the new stylized sausages will be the final menu contributions from former head chef “Paddy” Joyce, who recently left the restaurant. However, before Joyce left, he hand-picked new Vanguard chef Danny Sutton to replace him. Sutton is making his presence known with his own menu addition, the Roasted Brussels Sprouts. As we wait to see what else Sutton has in store for us, feast your eyes on The Vanguard’s new and improved menu offerings below.

Killer Khan

Lamb and pork sausage with cumin and garlic. Topped with celery and scallion slaw, chili oil, and cilantro. (Can be made vegetarian or vegan with vegan chorizo substitution.)


Chicken sausage with harissa, smoked paprika, and oregano. Topped with fiery feta and pepper spread, creamy tahini, and mint. (Can be made vegetarian with vegan chorizo substitution.)


Ukrainian Kovbasa pork sausage. Topped with carrot kraut, pickled red onion, and dill sour cream. (Can be made vegetarian or vegan with vegan brat substitution.)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts 
Brussels spouts roasted and coated with white wine balsamic glaze, lemon zest, and bacon. (Can be made vegetarian or vegan with bacon removal or fake bacon substitution.)

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