Legendary alternative rock band Pixies headlined the BMO Harris Pavilion Wednesday night at Summerfest. Legendary alternative rock band Pixies—Black Francis/Frank Black, Joey Santiago, David Lovering, new-ish bass player/singer Paz Lenchantin—were really, really, really good.

Legendary alternative rock band Pixies sometimes get a bad rap for just sort of standing there and playing their hits, cashing in on a reunion that’s lasted twice as long as the band’s original run. Legendary alternative rock band Pixies were not phoning it in Wednesday night—Black, especially, seemed just as possessed and scream-y and weird as he was in 1988. Legendary alternative rock band Pixies are worth checking out live, even if you’ve seen them numerous times in the past few years.

Wednesday night, legendary alternative rock band Pixies tore through 25 songs, many of them deep-ish cuts, six of them new tracks from the unfairly maligned post-reunion albums Indie Cindy and Head Carrier. Here’s what legendary alternative rock band Pixies played:

Wave Of Mutilation
All The Saints
Silver Snail
Ed Is Dead
Here Comes Your Man
Nimrod’s Son/Holiday Song/Nimrod’s Son
Winterlong (Neil Young)
Gouge Away
No. 13 Baby
All I Think About Now
I’ve Been Tired
Head On (The Jesus And Mary Chain)
Bel Esprit
Classic Masher
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Where Is My Mind?

And here’s what legendary alternative rock band Pixies said between songs:

Other fun facts:

• The band came out to the ridiculous/wonderful Beatles oddity “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number).” On the other end of the set, there was no encore.

• The not-really-capacity crowd lost it when the band began playing “All I Think About Now,” thinking it was “Where Is My Mind?” “All I Think About Now,” from Head Carrier, sounds a lot like “Where Is My Mind?” by design, and was written by Black, to be sung by Lenchantin, as a sort of apology/farewell to original bassist Kim Deal. It represents Pixies at their most passive-aggressive and troll-ish.

• Black is a dead ringer for Hank from Breaking Bad. (Hat tip to Brett Newski for pointing this out.) They’re minerals, Marie!

• The “Nimrod’s Son”/”Holiday Song”/”Nimrod’s Son” mashup fucking ruled. That is all.