Yesterday, news surfaced that 21-year-old Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo had agreed to a four-year, $100M contract extension. Though that contract is unthinkably high by civilian standards, Antetokounmpo reportedly accepted less than the maximum salary in order to give Milwaukee extra financial flexibility going forward. Additionally, there’s no clause allowing him to opt-out of the contract. Between the extension, his otherworldly abilities on the court, and proclaiming “[he] wants to play for the Milwaukee Bucks forever,” is it possible for Giannis Antetokounmpo to be any more likable than he is right now? Maybe.

Monday night, TMZ posted a photo of a man with Antetokounmpo’s approximate height and build at a Costco checkout. Fittingly, on the eve of signing a nine-figure deal, one of the most lovable and uplifting players in the NBA was apparently celebrating by purchasing a gigantic teddy bear. Sure, it’s safe to have reservations about the legitimacy of a TMZ “exclusive,” and, yeah, you can’t see the face of the man in the photograph, but don’t you want to believe it’s Giannis?! Given his personal track record during his short-but-accomplished Bucks career, this photo seems to check out.

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