To be honest, Black Friday kind of sucks. The consumer holiday serves as an annual reminder of humanity’s inherent greed, its utter disregard for others, and mankind’s general awfulness as people line up, fight, and literally trample bystanders for the sake of a good deal. Though we’re personally not in a rush to participate in any of that, we must admit it’s been nice to see local bars and breweries fully embrace the Black Friday festivities in recent years.

Craft beer aficionados are surely well aware of annual Black Friday bottle releases by Lakefront, Indeed, and various other area breweries. Similarly, this otherwise abysmal day has given bars like The Drunk Uncle an excuse to have some amazing specials. After taking last Black Friday off from in-person deals on account of the pandemic, with the West Allis wrestling bar will once again offer deep discounts on every single beer it has on draft.

On Friday, November 26, The Drunk Uncle will have a “Black Friday 50 cent beer sale.” What does that mean? Well, from noon to 4 p.m., patrons can get any of the FIFTY BEERS The Drunk Uncle has on tap for a scant 50-cent fee. After 4 p.m., the beer prices go up to a still-insanely-low $1 price point, where they’ll remain until close. Growlers will also be filled with any draft beer for just $2 all day/night long.

The Facebook event says all 50 draft lines must be emptied on Black Friday in order to make room for new beer that will be sold at an event the following day. So if you’re looking for a cozy place to grab some extremely affordable beers as strangers in department stores do battle for sale-priced electronics, consider making The Drunk Uncle a part of your Black Friday tradition this year.

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