Love him or refuse to listen to him, Brett Newski is a man of the people. Dude will do anything, play anywhere, and pull whatever stunt is needed to bring his bright-eyed indie rock to the masses. Travel the world and live out of a suitcase for years on end? Newski will do it. Perform “On, Wisconsin!” for our Public Domain music video series? Newski will do it. Play an impromptu and unsanctioned show inside a Walmart in Cudahy South Milwaukee, roving the aisles while customers look on in confusion and put-upon employees do everything in their power to get him the hell out of there? Yep.

“It is a sad day for rock n roll,” Newski says in a blog post. “I have officially become the first documented indie artist to be kicked out of Wal-Mart for playing an unlicensed show.” He continues:

On a lazy summer Saturday, my drummer Spatola and I decided it was time we made our Wal-Mart debut, playing an impromptu show for unsuspecting shoppers at America’s behemoth buying warehouse.

We bum rushed thru the entrance and blasted into the tune “Can’t Get Enough.”

Much to my surprise, 75% of people loved it, while only 25% hated our guts. Multiple staff members got pretty angry.

No kidding. Newski lasts all of three minutes before Walmart (correctly) puts an end to his shenanigans. “Sorry guys, we gotta run a business here,” says one employee. “They’re outta here!” crows someone in the background.

Newski’s upcoming LP, Life Upside Down, will be released September 7. It likely won’t be available you-know-where.

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