The Olives have been delighting gallery spaces, clubs, and Riverwest basements (and upcoming Milwaukee Record benefit shows) with its instantly-fun brand of Great Lakes surf punk for a few years now. The all-female quartet dishes out abrasive and always enjoyable songs about bachelorette parties (“Bachelorette Party”), The Office quotes (“Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica”), and matters of the heart (“I Think My Boyfriend’s Got A Boyfriend”).

Just in time for Halloween, The Olives—in association with Rock And Roller Remote Controller—released a video for the band’s grittiest song to date, “Haunt Me.” Cole Juntila joined forces with the band (primarily guitarist Karen Deau) on the collaboratively shot and edited video that was almost a year in the making. It was shot in some woods outside Green Bay on a rainy night last November. Bassist Alyssa Schulte says additional portions of the video captured “down by the river in Riverwest with more RRRC peeps to get some more fire footage” in March.

The video will appear on the next episode of Rock And Roller Remote Controller episode, which is due out at some point this fall. “Haunt Me” is the title track on a two-song teaser available now, and it will be added to a forthcoming release with no set release date. If you like what they can do to a flaming pinata, you’ll enjoy seeing them rip on stage even more. The Olives’ next show is at Circle A in support of NOTS (Memphis) Sunday, November 16.

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