If you watched our recent video with party-enthusiast Andrew W.K., you would know that American Science & Surplus is a glorious place with all kinds of fun products. Even if you didn’t watch, you probably know that. Anyway, the website for American Science & Surplus is fun, too. They have wacky titles and funny descriptions and–get this–hand-drawn pictures for many of the products in their inventory. Are they awesome? Very.

There’s no shortage of incredible items in the store, or equally incredible illustrations of said items on the AS&S site, but here are nine of our favorites. Happy shopping!

Live Long and Have Lunch
This looks just like the Star Trek lunchbox you sketched on our notebook in middle school.

If you could somehow average all the 1990s Phish album covers into one image, it’d be this.

Feet of Ducks
Look out, duck foot! There’s a duck-footed human hand strolling casually behind you!

Designer Millinery
This guy’s name probably isn’t Flame Orange, it’s just the color of the hat. But a guy named Flame Orange would definitely smile like that.

Original Slime with Flask

Pop Goes The Unicorn
Bipedal star unicorns don’t fire mouthballs and everyone knows that. Don’t insult us. More like “American Science FICTION & Surplus,” right?!

Repel Rodents Sonically
You think this is Alvin? Nope! It’s Simon without his glasses on.

Barn Owl Pellets
This is not helping anyone get over their Furby nightmares.

Sea Monkeys
[takes deep breath, then screams]

It’s like if David Letterman became King Of The Sea Monsters or something.