Back in October, at the Andrew W.K. show at The Rave, we thrilled to the immortal party god’s life-affirming ode to Milwaukee. “I LOVE / MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN,” sang W.K. to the tune of “I Love NYC.” “OH YEAH / MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN.” But it wasn’t his only love letter to our fair city: Earlier in the day, we hooked up with the white-clad rocker at the weird and wonderful American Science & Surplus, gave him $100, and asked him to assemble a personalized “party pack.” One lucky winner picked up the party pack at the show; we filmed the entire shopping spree, effectively making everyone a winner.

Yes, now you, too, can watch Andrew W.K. explore the magical aisles of AS&S, picking up everything from oversized rubber “man hands” and miniature “party huts” to lemon-scented candle birds and miniature teddy bears. How about some firecrackers? How about a flask? How about a paint-it-yourself dog head that may or may not be a spaniel? The man knows how to assemble a party pack. All in a Princess Cruises tote bag, no less.

Thanks to Andrew W.K., of course, as well as Chez Stock, Maureen at American Science & Surplus, and The Rave. The video was shot by Maya Kirchoff, with additional camerawork by Milwaukee Record and Karen Thunstedt Conrad. Milwaukee Record edited the thing. Party!