Friday night’s Andrew W.K. show at The Rave was more than a show. It was a party (of course), but it was also a life-affirming celebration of all that is good and positive in the world, a world that too often seems so evil and negative. Clad in all white (of course), the viking-esque W.K. led his incredible band through an unrelenting, fist-pumping set that covered all his hard-partying hits: “Ready To Die,” “She Is Beautiful,” “You Will Remember Tonight,” “We Want Fun,” “I Get Wet,” “Girls Own Love,” “Party Hard” (of course), and more. It was impossible to stop grinning throughout the entire thing.

Also on W.K.’s set list last night: a reworked version of I Get Wet song “I Love NYC,” “I Love Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” Like the rest of the show, it was glorious, sincere (W.K. revealed that his father hails from Watertown, Wisconsin), and a reminder that love and roller-rink keyboard riffs will always rule. Keep the party going and check it out below.