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It wasn’t that long ago when the announcement of a new Radiohead album would send the music world into an orgasmic fit, with both fans and critics salivating at the thought of another genius offering from the unassailable rock gods. These days, not so much. Earlier this week, following a peculiar stunt that saw the band’s social media pages slowly go blank, Radiohead released a new song and video, “Burn The Witch.” But instead of near-universal acclaim, the release was greeted with a surprising amount of online ambivalence and disdain (mixed with plenty of praise, to be sure.) Are music fans and critics—especially young music fans and critics—weary of the band they’ve long been told is The Best Band Ever? Ryan, Evan, and Matt look into this potential Radiohead backlash, and follow it up with a discussion of the end of greatest hits albums and reissues.

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