By now you’ve probably read about the outraged EDM fans who created a petition to have DJ Paris Hilton—a.k.a. Paris Hilton—removed from the 2015 Summerfest lineup. As originally reported by Evan Rytlewski of the Shepherd Express, the folks responsible for the online hissy fit have taken offense at the booking of the “false, non credible, and quite frankly overall terrible ‘musician’/‘DJ.’” They continue:

“This diminishes dance music as nothing more than a cheap show and if you have any respect for the integrity of music you will remove Paris Hilton from the lineup. Please sign and share this petition together we can at least show Paris that we won’t stand for this.”

The whole thing is completely ridiculous and stupid and frivolous, of course, as Rytlewski points out in his piece. Equally silly? A competing petition entitled “Book Paris Hilton at Summerfest EVERY YEAR until the Apocolypse [sic].” Why? According to the creator of the petition, Dan “Doormouse” Martin:

“Like, duh.”

The petition is accompanied by a picture of a unicorn and the words “Haters Gonna Hate.” Sums it up pretty nicely. [h/t Luke Chappelle]