If you were synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend, you might be content with continually making some of the best music to come out of Milwaukee in years. But you’re not Immortal Girlfriend (unless you happen to be Kevin or William Bush), which means the real Immortal Girlfriend is now going ahead and making one of the best music videos to come out of Milwaukee in years. These dudes are tireless.

Enter the incredible new video for “Others,” written and directed by Bash—a.k.a. Ryan Bingham and Josh Paul Halverson. We won’t spoil anything (sorry if the headline gives a little away), so just hit play and revel in the video’s timeless “couple-moves-to-the-burbs-and-shit-gets-out-of-hand-and-kind-of-Black-Mirror-y-real-quick” vibe.

Also, “Others”—self-described as a “post-synthwave headbanger”—rules.

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