And so it continues: Thursday afternoon, Jazz In The Park organizers announced that the popular summer music series will push back its opening date from May 28 to June 4. Because of coronavirus/COVID-19 concerns, of course.

A press release notes that the series, which takes place in Cathedral Square Park, is still a go, though “if further changes are needed, we will keep you adept of these decisions as they are made.” Also, “planning for Bastille Days 2020 is moving full steam ahead.”

Here’s the full press release from East Town Association Executive Director Emily McElwee:

Hello there in your isolation, wonderful East Town members and friends!! What a week it has been! (What a year this week has been???)

East Town Association, like so many of Milwaukee’s vibrant non-profit organizations, is working hard to make sure we are doing our part to flatten that COVID-19 curve. Although current projections for the end of leader-encouraged physical social distancing are unclear, we have made a few difficult decisions.

The remaining dates of East Town Coffee Connections 2020: MKEing Media, are cancelled.

We will not be holding an East Town Member Mixer in April 2020.

And, most notably, we have decided to take extra caution in one of our largest scale events – we are pushing back the opening date of Jazz in the Park 2020 to Thurday, June 4.

Planning for Bastille Days 2020 is moving full steam ahead.

If further changes are needed, we will keep you adept of these decisions as they are made.

For nearly 40 years, East Town has been a non-profit organization dedicated to community development through both large events and small member gatherings; a catalyst for growth within the Milwaukee music industry providing needed mid-size venues for up-and-coming local artists; and has served as an incubator for small local businesses via our Cathedral Square Market. We appreciate your support as we navigate the impact of a potential loss in anticipated revenue – revenue that helps support our work in East Town year round. If you love the work we do, and find yourself in a position to donate to help sustain our organization, we would be greatly appreciative: our donations page is linked here.

Stay with us on social media, we have exciting plans to engage you in your homes and offices! A few wonderful resources are below. Take care of your bodies and minds, and we will see you in person on the other side of all this.

Emily McElwee, East Town Association executive director

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