We now live in a world where your Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions, so we’ll file this story under “Why not?” On Friday, July 23, from 1-3 p.m., actor/writer/filmmaker/State-alum/all-around-awesome-person Thomas Lennon will be working as a cashier at the Walmart in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (201 Edwards Blvd.) And he’ll be doing it dressed as one of his most iconic characters: Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911!

“Thousands of folks have asked me ‘why doesn’t Lt. Dangle work the check out at Walmart in Lake Geneva to benefit Milwaukee Children’s Hospital?” Lennon tweeted on Wednesday. “Stop asking: it’s on Friday.”

Yep, the appearance is indeed a charity event for Children’s Wisconsin, making it extra wonderful. The Lake Geneva Walmart has a little more info:

Are you a fan of Reno 911, 17 Again, or the bestselling book series Ronan Boyle? Want to donate to Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin? This Friday the 23rd, we are having a special guest Cashier! Thomas Lennon (best known as Lt. Dangle from Reno 911) will be ringing up customers from 1-3pm to help raise money for Children’s Hospital! Tom and Walmart will be donating to the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee every time you check out with him!

So there you go! Buy something at the Lake Geneva Walmart, check out with the actual Lt. Dangle (not just someone dressed as him for Halloween), and help Children’s Wisconsin! Incredible. And if you take your bike, don’t forget to lock it up. [h/t Makeal, Jim]

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