When we first met experimental folk-electronica outfit OQ back in December 2018, group members Cole Quamme (The Fatty Acids) and Liam O’Brien (Holy Sheboygan!) were prepping their debut EP, Paradice 1. The record was released via a Justin Vernon-affiliated artist collective known as PEOPLE, and it featured a who’s-who of top-shelf Milwaukee musicians (Caley Conway, Barry Clark, Treccy Marquardt-Thomas, Mike Noyce, more).

Since then, OQ has begun work on an ambitious five-EP/video project called PANGEA. The first installment of that project, Water, was released in 2022. Now, the duo is back with the second installment—and a new name! Sort of! Behold “Successors,” the wonderful and playful new song/video from the EP of the same name, courtesy of the newly minted Oak You. (OQ. Oak You. Get it?)

The Quamme-directed clip for “Successors” features dancers Monica Endres and Micah Hall, with choreography by Endres. Its pastoral setting is fitting: Quamme and O’Brien moved to a cooperative farm in rural Wisconsin in 2021, where they built a small studio to work on the PANGEA project.

Listen to the first part of that project, Water, here:

And listen to the new Successors EP here:

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Meet OQ, the Milwaukee project that’s part of Justin Vernon’s new artist collective

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