Listeners all around the world know Nick Wiger from his work as the co-host of Doughboys—a popular podcast about chain restaurants—and a video game podcast called How Did This Get Played?, along with his off-mic career as a television writer. Long before “The Burger Boy” was making a living with his fast food musings, the So-Cal surfer dude was immersed in music. As members of the Burger Brigade have probably heard, Nick “Double Reed” Wiger spent much of his youth playing in school bands and orchestras.

Recently, My First Band host Tyler Maas reached out to Wiger to talk about his surprisingly extensive musical history. After discussing a Bucks-Lakers NBA Finals that probably won’t happen this year, Wiger opened up about playing the clarinet as a child, his motivation for moving to saxophone and bassoon as a teen, experiences at summer band camp, and his short tenure in some Orange County ska punk bands during high school. Before episode’s end, Wiger also talked about writing comedic compositions like “The Original Monster Mash” (a.k.a. “The Monster Fuck”) and “Gungan Style” for Funny Or Die and the unexpectedly prevalent role music plays in Doughboys.

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