Earlier this year, Justin Vernon and the Dessner brothers announced the creation of PEOPLE, an artist collective that—according to a statement on its website—functions as “a steadily growing group of artists, freely creating and sharing [their] work with each other and everyone.” The collective, also known as “37d03d” (aka “People” written upside-down), features a database of new and/or unreleased music from a number of artists, including the likes of Vernon, the Dessners, Poliça, and more. One of the young outfit’s first affiliated projects is a band from Milwaukee. That project, which goes by the name OQ, debuted its first single on PEOPLE Wednesday.

Though OQ hasn’t played a show yet, many Wisconsin music aficionados are likely aware of the group’s musical affiliations. The self-described “creative duo” consists of Liam O’Brien (of Holy Sheboygan! and namesake of Liam O’Brien’s Faithless Followers) and Cole Quamme (of The Fatty Acids). The project became connected to PEOPLE through Mike Noyce while he and Josh Evert (The Fatty Acids, Silver City Studios) were finishing OQ’s first EP at Vernon’s April Base recording studio.

OQ is officially a duo, but its members called on a wealth of Milwaukee musicians to contribute on the project’s forthcoming EP, Paradice 1. Players and vocalists involved in the recording process include Evert, Noyce, Ivan Eisenberg, Alex Heaton, Treccy Marquardt-Thomas, D’Amato, Caley Conway, Ms. Lotus Fankh, Derek De Vinney, Steven Strupp, Carmen Quinliven, Sarah Shay, Caley, John Larkin, Ian Olvera, Alex Scott, and Hesper Juhnke.

The band will make its live debut and release the five-song EP at Company Brewing on Saturday, January 26. Quamme will also screen and release a “visual album” at the show. Before the Vernon-approved new project plays its debut show, get to know OQ by listening to “Lifestyle” below.