If Kevin and William Bush of Milwaukee synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend had a big 2020, 2021 looks to be even bigger. The brothers released one of our favorite EPs of last year, RIDE, while William released one of our favorite LPs via his Black Challenger solo project. Now, following the January 2021 release of single “Seeker,” Immortal Girlfriend is back with another track, “Others.” It’s really, really good.

Like the songs from RIDE, “Others” falls on the moody and neon-drenched end of the synthwave spectrum. But, like “Seeker” before it, the new track has a biting industrial edge reminiscent of early Nine Inch Nails. Plus, there’s a quick break near the end that absolutely rules.

The brothers Bush call the song a “post-synthwave headbanger,” and that’s good enough for us. Take yourself back to the era of 120 Minutes (or Headbangers Ball, if you prefer) and listen below.

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