Let’s keep this short and sweet: Is there anything better than watching your Milwaukee Brewers play (and win) in October? No. Is there anything better than watching Christian Yelich play (and win) in October? No. (Mike Moustakas certainly made his case Thursday night, though.) Is there anything better than “Christian Yelich,” the new postseason Milwaukee Brewers hip-hop anthem from Milwaukee-based collective Hiii Tribe? Absolutely not. Take Navi’s advice, and LISTEN:

“Milwaukee native King Myles and fellow Hiii Tribe member Trashman Shunny felt so inspired by the Brewers’ Central Division and playoff berth victory that they decided to get into the booth and create an anthem for their hometown team,” says a press release. And create an anthem they did. Some key lines:

“Step up to the plate and you know that he beltin’ / We got the MVP so what the fuck is we yellin’ / That’s Christian Yelich”

“Let ’em hate ’cause we got the juice / Poppin’ bottles with Bob Ueck”

“I need a cold beer and a brat with relish / But I’m in my seat when I see Christian Yelich”

“Imma name my next kid Christian / Imma name my new dog Yelich”

“Christian Yelich” is produced by SNOWBLOWER and Trill Gate$, and it’s the best. Time to pop those bottles with Bob Ueck: