The long-awaited Black Panther opens today, and it’s already being hailed as Marvel’s first true masterpiece. Featuring a predominantly black cast and black creative team (white actors Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman have been dubbed the “Tolkien white guys”), the film is certainly an historic one, and is bound to leave more pedestrian Marvel space-fillers like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World in the dust. Also, we haven’t seen it yet, so no spoilers, please.

Then there’s the soundtrack, produced and curated by Kendrick Lamar. In honor of that record, Milwaukee NiceFM electronic outfit Immortal Girlfriend has unveiled the infectious “Midnight,” a Black Panther-inspired track featuring the unmistakable voice of Lorde Fredd33. Says Immortal Girlfriend:

“I saw an opportunity to get creative, and knew that I wanted to team up with someone on this track. Lorde Fredd33 was the first artist that came to mind. With the timing of the movie, and it being Black History Month, it made sense. It came together rather quickly, too. I took it as a sign that it needed to exist.”