It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything new from Hot Coffin. Since the Milwaukee rock and roll outfit—which features past members of Red Knife Lottery, Disguised As Birds, Sincebyman, and The Response in its ranks—released its self-titled sophomore album in early 2016, two United States Presidents have left office, there’s been a worldwide pandemic, the Milwaukee Bucks won a title, and like 12 celebrities took turns playing Colonel Sanders in KFC commercials. That span of more than six years also saw countless Cream City projects come and go as Hot Coffin played out sparingly and quietly worked on new material.

Some of that new music will finally see the light of day on Friday, September 2 when Hot Coffin officially releases its long-awaited EP. That return effort, The Prize, features four songs that will be released digitally via Triple Eye Industries to coincide with “Bandcamp Friday.” Prior to the EP’s digital release next week, the band gave Milwaukee Record the go-ahead to stream the first single from the effort. Though much has changed in the world since the last time Hot Coffin put out any music, we’re pleased to report the band is still as outstanding as ever. If “Circle Game” (the forthcoming EP’s lead single) is any indication of what’s to come, listeners are in for more of the brash, blistering, and brutal goodness you’ve come to expect from Hot Coffin on The Prize.

Between the punishing percussion, the driving and dramatic backing of guitar and bass, and the commanding bellow of vocalist Chris Chuzles, “Circle Game” is reminiscent of the Hot Coffin you know and love, while also hinting at something new, exciting, and well worth the six-plus-year wait in the process. You can pre-order The Prize here and listen to “Circle Game” below.

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