On Friday, December 16 (well, Thursday, December 15, per confounding new movie-release rules), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story attacks theaters nationwide. The prequel to the original Star Wars that also serves as the sequel to the prequels—but not a sequel to the new sequel—tells the standalone story of how those pesky rebels got ahold of those pesky Death Star plans in the first place. Sure, it’s kinda-sorta a story we already know, and sure, it’s another damn prequel, but it’s Star Wars. And Star Wars is awesome. Here are six ways to celebrate the film’s opening with your own merry band of (hopefully less-doomed) rebels.

1. Trivia & Taco Tuesday: Star Wars @ 42 Ale House
On Tuesday, December 13, at 8 p.m., drop by 42 Ale House in Saint Francis for a night of Force-sensitive trivia questions courtesy of the one and only (and Milwaukee Record contributor) Rob Wieland. (Quick: How tall was Aunt Beru? 5′ 5”!) The top two teams will win prizes, and a “Terrible Team Name Award” will be given to the team with the filthiest and/or funniest Star Wars-related moniker. We also have it on good authority that someone will be walking away with some vintage Burger King Star Wars glasses—suitable for display or cantina use.

2. Quiz Cube Strikes Back: A Star Wars Trivia Night @ Boone & Crockett
Looking for more Star Wars trivia from Rob Wieland? Of course you are. For this Boone & Crockett edition on Wednesday, December 14, prizes will be award to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place teams, (the fun begins at 8 p.m.), plus…

What pairs well with mind bending questions about our favorite films? Star Wars inspired cocktails and tacos of course! Grab a Moon of Endor! Sip on a Suns of Tatooine! Imbibe the power of Vader’s Demise!

There’s more! Because we love wearing our Jedi Robes, costumes are encouraged and prizes will be awarded for best dressed!

We cant wait for an amazing night of cocktails and nerdery!

Good luck!
May the Force be with you.

3. QuizQuest Trivia with QuizCube: Star Wars Edition @ 42 Lounge
More Star Wars trivia? More Rob Wieland? You better believe it, kid. This time, Rob will be setting up shop at dowtown’s 42 Lounge Thursday, December 15, at 8 p.m. (Quick: How tall was Salacious Crumb? 0.7 meters!)

4. ROGUE ONE Release Party ft. Band Of Rebels & Boone & Crockett
Is Boone & Crockett excited for Rogue One? Yes, Boone & Crockett is excited for Rogue One. On Thursday, December 15, at 10 p.m., come back to the Bay View bar for another night of Star Wars debauchery. This party will feature music from Milwaukee’s very own Star Wars cover band, Band Of Rebels—a.k.a. Calliope and special guests. (A shuttle bus will deliver folks to and from the AMC Mayfair Mall 18 beforehand for a 7 p.m. screening.) And there’s more…

Feeling fanboy/girl? Perfect. As most of us will already be dressed up for Rogue One’s early release, we’ll be host to a Star Wars costume contest!
* Best costume takes home cold hard cash.
* Second place earns a replica Lightsaber.
* Third place takes home some delicious Bourbon.
Winners will be judged by a secret panel and will be announced after the show. You must be present to win!

Hungry? Gypsy Taco opens at 4pm for all your Taco needs.


Episode VII will be screening on the patio. You know… because this event needs more Star Wars.


5. Hang out with the troopers in the 501st Wisconsin Garrison
The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars cosplay group that takes obsessive fandom to a whole new level. (“While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd.,” explains 501st’s Facebook page, “it is Lucasfilm’s preferred Imperial costuming group.”) Not surprisingly, the Wisconsin chapter will be out in full force for the opening of Rogue One. Looking to snap a picture with some old-school Stormtroopers? Darth Vader himself? Members of the 501st Wisconsin Garrison will be appearing at:

12-15-16 – Rogue One Opening – Marcus Point Cinema Madison
12-15-16 – Rogue One Opening – Marcus Majestic Brookfield
12-15-16 – Rogue One Opening Night – Appleton East
12-15-16 – Rogue One Opening – Sheboygan
12-15-2016 – Rogue One Opening- Sparta
12-16-16 – Rogue One Opening Night – Manitowoc (Carmike Theater)
12-17-16 – Kids 2 Kids Toy Drive – Grafton

6. The Metal Grill Presents ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story @ The Metal Grill
Leave it to the Jedi at Cudahy’s Metal Grill to go big for a Star Wars event. Not content with simply descending on a local theater en masse, Battle of Yavin-style, The Metal Grill has rented out the entire Marcus South Shore Cinema in Oak Creek for a screening Saturday, December 17 at 7 p.m. Following the Rebels handing off the plans to Princess Leia, head back to the club for music from Thrasher and Crush Point, a Star Wars costume contest, and an ugly Xmas sweater contest. Good. GOOOOOD…

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