Hey! The Milwaukee Public Museum reopened to the public on Thursday! Similar to its short-lived reopening in August 2020, COVID safety guidelines are in full effect—a single entrance on Wells Street, timed ticket entry, one-way routes, a handful of closed exhibits, social distancing, and mask requirements are just a few of the new-ish features. (Find more HERE.) The museum is open Thursdays through Sundays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Get your tickets online.

We got in on day one of the reopening because A.) the Milwaukee Public Museum is amazing, B.) we wanted to take a bunch of pictures of safety signs and whatnot, just like we did at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and C.) the museum as we all know it isn’t long for this world, as it’s moving to a new, more modern (and smaller) home in the next few years. Sigh.

So get to the (reopened) museum while you still can! Here are 50 pictures of this glorious institution in the era of COVID-19. And apologies for the “Quest For Beaver” selfie. Tradition and all.

Yep, it’s still here.

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