After what seems like a year of cold, wet, windy, rainy, snowy, and predominately gray conditions that were basically just a cruel continuation of winter, it seems as if spring is finally here…on the fifth day of May. Though we’re not entirely ruling out the possibility of one more instance of soul-crushing spring snowfall, we’re cautiously prepared for warmer days, an increase in outdoor activity, and better things ahead. We can think spring because, well, it actually feels kind of like spring now.

One of those better things we can look forward to this spring is new music from Piles. The Milwaukee post-punk trio hasn’t released any new material since putting out its excellent album, Expeller, in 2017. However, the band (which we assumed had broken up after six years of relative inaction) resurfaced last month, announcing its unexpected return with the release of a new song and music video, which was the first single off their long-awaited album, 5:53, that’s due out next week. Prior to the record’s release, Piles put together a music video for another single that has a decidedly spring-suited sound and backstory.

Bassist Nolan Truttschel, who took on vocal duties for a change in “Be The Way,” tells Milwaukee Record he thought of most of the songs lyrics while commuting via bicycle or taking bike rides around town. When he arrived upon lyrics or melodies he liked, he’d stop to record them on his phone so they wouldn’t be forgotten. Fittingly, the bike-related background also found its way into the song’s music video.

“The idea for the video popped into my head one day while out riding,” Truttschel says. “It feels kinda funny to me, but cool in a silly way. I just filmed myself singing the parts and the scenery all over Milwaukee, then put it all together later.”

Watch Truttschel cruise around the city and sing lyrics to the warm, vibrant, and hopeful new Piles song and check out the “Be The Way” music video now. And check back for a full 5:53 album stream on Milwaukee Record next Thursday!

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