Low Down Sounds debut EP, Ride Into The Sun, is a five-song sampling of American-made classic rock that’s unapologetically tied together with the ideals of freedom and a nomadic exploration of the wild west (preferably whilst perched atop a motorcycle). With that in mind, it’s odd that such a road record—right down to the high desert utopia album art—was manufactured in a Midwestern factory.

Last February, the band spent Valentine’s Day weekend in a Barrington, Illinois facility with longtime Milwaukee producer Mike Hoffman (of Semi-Twang and The Delta Routine). By summer, overdubs and harmonies were added…along with a sixth member. Vocalist Shelly Schauer joined the band to back to howl of singer/guitarist Brad Lee Curtis. As finishing touches were put on the record in Hoffman’s Bay View home studio, the 10-song effort was culled to five.

The five-pack that remains highlights Low Down Sound’s inherent ability to write material that could’ve existed 50 years ago, but still calls contemporary toes to tap. Opener “Made To Groove” is rife with blistering guitar solos, only to bleed into the funky “Light Up Your Soul” that comes complete with organ work and soulful three-part harmonies. The title track is most emblematic of Low Down Sound, though, as fuzzy and borderline psychedelic guitar solos mingle with bluesy backing, along with a coarse melody you thought could only be found with a quarter at a dive bar jukebox.

With Ride Into The Sun, Low Down Sound managed to harness sounds that were more popular during a bygone era and reassemble them into something unique and enjoyable today. Before the band releases its debut EP at Mad Planet on Saturday night, you can listen to Ride Into The Sun now, only at Milwaukee Record.

Low Down Sound will release Ride Into The Sun at Mad Planet on Saturday, January 31. Mortgage Freeman and comedian Ryan Holman will perform in support. The show begins at 10 p.m. and costs $7 at the door. Cover includes a physical copy of the EP. After the show, you can purchase the EP at Low Down Sound’s Bandcamp page.

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