Perhaps you’ve heard of Making A Murderer, the 10-part Netflix documentary investigating the contentious legal issues surrounding Manitowoc resident Steven Avery and the murder of Teresa Halbach. Perhaps you’ve read the 8 billion articles and follow-up stories about said documentary. Perhaps you’ve seen the memes. Hell, perhaps you’ve even heard the rap. But, have you had a chance to listen to Making A Murderer dreamboats (and attorneys) Dean Strang and Jerry Buting speak about the U.S. criminal justice system, as well as the broader implications of the Avery case in person?

No? Then you’re in luck. On Friday, March 18, Strang and Buting will appear at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater for a one-night-only discussion of America’s favorite grisly murder and possible frame-job. (It’s like Dateline, but fancy!) The conversation will be moderated by WUWM Lake Effect host Mitch Teich.

Reserved seating tickets are $45.50, and go on sale Friday, January 29 at noon. And don’t worry, Making A Murderer LARPers: WrestleMania isn’t until April.