In case you missed it, April 14 was Milwaukee Day—a.k.a. 414 Day, a.k.a. the day every business in town cooks up something they can sell for $4.14. In between the annual video love letter from Imagine MKE and our own Milwaukee Day Showcase, Milwaukee native Grace Weber released a new song entitled “414.” An official Milwaukee Day anthem of sorts, the track (featuring Milwaukee rapper Mudy) extolls the virtues of the Cream City and drops references to Bay View, the north side, “cooler by the lake,” and more. “Love this city, who can blame us / 414 you have my heart,” the now L.A.-based Weber sings.

And now there’s a video! Featuring Weber, Mudy, Fiserv Forum, and Leon’s Frozen Custard! Check it out below:

Who can blame us, indeed. Also, you can find the Leon’s story from 2016 that someone will inevitably link to in the comments HERE.

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