Monday got you down? Perhaps you’re a Chicago Bears fan. Maybe you woke up two hours late because your phone (which doubles as your alarm clock) was rendered useless in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, but you need to finish a post about Owen before you can look into getting it fixed. It could have something to do with being only a few steps into the long, dull journey that is your five-day work week. No matter what factors caused your epic case of the Mondays, Chicago troubadour Mike Kinsella (more specifically his project Owen) has the cure.

As part of the Windy City emo kingpin’s forthcoming covers record Other People’s Songs, due out on Polyvinyl Records December 12, Kinsella’s cover of “Forget Me” originally performed by Milwaukee legends The Promise Ring just premiered on today. Just try not to turn that frown upside down while listening to Kinsella’s impossibly upbeat take on this classic by The Promise Ring—whose front man, Davey von Bohlen, used to be in Cap’n Jazz with Kinsella. Beyond The Promise Ring, Other People’s Songs also includes covers from Against Me!, Depeche Mode, All, and The Smoking Popes, among others.

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