Last month, The Dollop—a popular American history podcast—came to Milwaukee. While here, hosts/comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds performed a stand-up show at Puddler’s Hall. Reynolds, who original hails from nearby Brown Deer, was on our podcast. Oh yeah, and the comics-turned-published historians also performed a live Dollop episode in front of close to 500 people at Turner Hall Ballroom.

The April 19 show covered the life of Milwaukee-born maintenance worker and failed assassin Arthur Bremer. The strange story chronicles his upbringing and the days leading up to the event that changed (at least) two lives forever. More needn’t be said about it because The Dollop finally posted its Milwaukee episode Thursday. The episode features oodles of Blood, Sweat & Tears references, personal journal entries Bremer wrote before his deed, and (if you can believe it) loads of laughs.

It’s available for download on iTunes or at The Dollop’s website. “Put it through” your ears today.

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