If you follow Milwaukee music, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard Josh Evert‘s work. In addition to being the longtime singer of The Fatty Acids, Evert played drums in Jaill, he’s currently part of a great new project called Dinner Set Gang, and he crafts inventive and impressive solo work using field recordings he collects in natural settings all over the world. Beyond his own artistic endeavors, Evert also records a wide range of musicians at Silver City Studios—a Milwaukee-based studio he co-owns in the Washington Heights neighborhood—and he’s helped raise approximately $70,000 for school art programs as one of the founders of Arte Para Todos.

Shortly after returning from an artist residency on a ship stationed in the Arctic Circle, Evert welcomed My First Band host Tyler Maas into his studio to talk about that once in a lifetime opportunity, what he plans to create from the sounds gathered in the arctic, and what he’s currently up to with Dinner Set Gang and at Silver City Studios. Along the way, Evert also talked about early bands and his stint in a boys choir while growing up in a small town outside of Madison, the start (and rapid growth) of The Fatty Acids, experiences from his time in the band Jaill, his foray into the recording business, and much more.

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