After a month of competition in our Wisconsin Fair Bracket, we finally have a winner. And that winning State Fair mainstay is…Pat McCurdy! The quirky Badger State troubadour who’s known best for hits like “Sex & Beer” and “Chokin’ The Gopher” demolished the Wisconsin Products Pavilion in the Final Round to earn the lofty title of Wisconsin Fair Bracket Champion.

While each of the 63 other competing cities fought hard, it’s clear McCurdy and his legions of fans simply wanted it more. He received more votes than anything else in the tournament by a long shot. En route to earning the title, McCurdy bested the WonderFair Wheel, made the ’60s Rock Package ancient history, pummeled the Pig Races, beat the Giant Slide in a landslide, and straight up smoked Roasted Corn in the semifinals. McCurdy earned this.

Over the course of the month-long tournament that spanned six rounds, about 35,000 total votes were cast. There was some campaigning for votes, a fair number of upsets, lots of Cream Puff-related opinions being thrown around, and an overriding appreciation for the Wisconsin State Fair amid all the competition. Congrats to Pat McCurdy for taking the title. You can congratulate him personally at this year’s State Fair when he performs at the Bank Five Nine Amphitheater at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 13.

Thanks to all who voted, who shared the bracket, and who took an interest in this bit of fair-focused randomness. We’d also like to extend an extra special thank you to Lakefront Brewery for sponsoring the tournament. Though we won’t do the Fair Bracket again, you can expect another Wisconsin-themed bracket from us later this year.

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