Today marks the beginning of another Milwaukee Bucks season. Unlike many recent years, this particular campaign comes with a great deal of intrigue and expectation. After a franchise-worst 2013-14, the promising young Bucks squad had an especially encouraging 2014-15 season, which found them nabbing the sixth seed and even taking a few playoff games from the Bulls. They have new uniforms, a healthy Jabari Parker, and a new center. All things considered, it’s a great time to be a Bucks fan.

To help Tyler preview the team’s most exciting season in recent memory, Dan Shafer of Milwaukee Magazine and Jeremy Schmidt of made On The Record history by being the first return guests. Now certified friends of the show, they helped run through the key additions, notable departures, the growing interest in the long-beleaguered organization, Marlon Wayans’ scouting prowess, the John Henson jewelry store thing, NOTHING about the arena deal, and what ’90s era hip-hop or R&B talent they’d like to see perform at the Bradley team’s annual Turn Back The Clock Night. Tyler also sings and says a bunch of depressing stuff for some reason.

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