Back in February, we gave you a sneak peek of the upcoming Surgeons In Heat album, Bored Immortals. Here’s what we had to say back then when we premiered the record’s first single, “Why’d You Start?”:

This time around, [singer-songwriter Johnathon] Mayer and bandmates Ryan Reeve, Bradley Kruse, and Michael Stewart both tweak and refine the group’s chilled-out-Spoon sound: adding bits of sax and electronic drums here and there, but ultimately nailing down a hazy and almost regal sense of aloofness. Produced by The Fatty Acids’ Josh Evert at Silver City Studios, it’s Surgeons In Heat’s most cohesive, most front-to-back satisfying record to date.

Now comes another single, “Falling In A Row.” It’s a touch more original-formula Surgeons In Heat than “Why’d You Start?” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a stunner. Dig the familiar glazed-over vibe, Mayer’s always-welcome falsetto, a rubbery-as-hell bass line, and a scorching little guitar solo in the song’s final moments.

Bored Immortals will be released June 22 on Maximum Pelt/Shuga Records. Wanna pre-order it? Here you go. A hometown release show is set for June 29 at Cactus Club, with Jaill, Cafe Racer, and Ravi/Lola in tow. Can’t wait until then? Check out Surgeons In Heat this Saturday at High Dive, during Gloss Weekend 3.