One of the last/only good things left on the internet these days is Yoshi Beer Nommelier, an affable Japanese man (now based in New York) who reviews beers and malt beverages from all around the world and posts his assessments on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. He’s knowledgeable, thoughtful, curious, enthusiastic, and just plain likable.

In recent months, he’s been taken by some of Wisconsin’s most famous brews, including domestic kingpins like Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And he’s also fond of craft options like Summer Shandy and some New Glarus Spotted Cow someone smuggled out of state for him. In fact, Yoshi has enjoyed Wisconsin’s rich bounty of beers so much that a few months ago, he vowed to visit our fair state this summer. Earlier this week, he announced his plans to come to Wisconsin (and Milwaukee in particular) from July 14 through July 17.

Though his timing couldn’t really be worse with the RNC shitshow being in Milwaukee for much of his visit, we’re still positively pumped he’ll be taking in some of our brewery-based delicacies. The two things he knows he’ll be doing during his first Wisconsin visit is going to Miller Brewery and Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. Beyond that, he says he just wants to drink local beer (including Spotted Cow on draft somewhere because he can’t make it to New Glarus, sadly) and meet people.

If you want to hit Yoshi with some recommendations for Milwaukee-area breweries to check out while he’s in town and/or if you want to try to meet up with him while he’s here, he suggests you DM him on any of Yoshi Beer Nommelier’s social media accounts. To quote the English translation of his parting remarks, “See ya!!!”

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