In its relatively brief existence, Bounce Milwaukee has done a number of things to let Milwaukee know where its owners stand on specific issues. In 2016, Bounce gave non-English-speaking customers a free scoop of ice cream in direct response to Leon’s Frozen Custard’s controversial “English-only” ordering policy. Today, the business is standing behind a proposed national school walkout on March 14 to protest gun violence by offering free admission to any students who are punished for “for peaceful, civil action.”

On Wednesday, Bounce posted an offer on its Facebook page. Anyone suspended or given detention as a result of walking out on March 14 will get free admission to Bounce Milwaukee as a “show of thanks.” The offer also extends to a parent or guardian of any student punished. Bounce’s full statement is below.

“Students are on the verge of doing what adults have failed to for years now. Threats by the School District of Waukesha and others to punish students for peaceful, civil action are both counterproductive and missing a huge educational opportunity. On March 14th, if you are given a detention or suspended from your school for engaging in a civil action, we’ll offer you free Bounce admission (for both you and a proud parent or guardian) as our show of thanks. We’ll also have resources on-site on March 14th, so that you can reach out to your legislators.”