Since opening in October 2014, The Vanguard has been a boon to Milwaukee dining, while also doubling as a prime place to watch the Packers and pro wrestling, a bar where you can possibly catch a surprise Kyle Kinane performance, and reformatting as a single-day Chinese restaurant, a crab shack, and a beloved record store. Even if the Bay View bar and gourmet sausage emporium’s missteps have been few and far between, the restaurant isn’t growing complacent.

Back in February, the restaurant added eight new sausages (and cycled out five). Today, Vanguard announced it will be introducing another wave of new menu items. By mid-October, the bar will have five new stylized sausages, revive one from the grave, introduce four “brunch sausages” into the mix, offer a “Philly Style” modification, as well as a Prik Khing vegan poutine.

Sadly, these additions also spell the end (at least temporarily) of four Vanguard menu items. This new menu will be the final iteration influenced by head chef Shay Linkus, who is departing on amicable terms to focus on another culinary venture that’s sure to be amazing. Here’s what to expect from Vanguard by month’s end. Adjust future dining plans accordingly.


Yucatan-seasoned venison sausage with pork fat, sour orange, oregano, anchiote topped with picked carrots, and red onion relish.

Bork Lazer
Swedish meatball-style pork, dill, nutmeg sausage topped with dill, cranberry sour cream, and Swedish meatball gravy.

Lamb Toulouse
Lamb, pork, nutmeg, thyme, white wine sausage topped with pepper honey, onion jam, and arugula.

Spinach & Artichoke
Chicken and pork, spinach, artichoke, sarveccio, cream cheese, and bacon.


Pork, palm sugar, soy sauce with bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, chili sauce, hoison, and lime


Turkey & Beet Berliner Sausage
Garlic, sumac, lemon with curried tomato sauce, and grilled green onion.

Red Chorizo
Pork, garlic, cayenne, paprika with goat cheese, queso fundido, chipotle, and green chile relish.

Red Curry Vegan Sausage
Red curry mayo, sambal, cilantro, and cauliflower relish.

A Japanese-inspired Sausage
Pork, beef, octopus, miso with nori mayo, eel sauce, fresh wasabi, and bonito.

The Detroit Coney
All beef hot dog with Detroit coney sauce, mustard, and onion.


Chicken & Waffles
Fried chicken sausage, Belgian waffle, and spicy syrup.

Breakfast Link
Chicken, apple, sage topped with onion, peppers, and fried egg served on a bun.

Hangover 16
Chicken sausage with jalapeño sausage gravy, fried egg, and potato pancakes.

Diner Brat
Bacon wrapped brat with fried egg, chive, and cheddar.

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